Our Purpose is an online luxury timepieces dealer. We have established good relationships with a variety of high quality watch brands. Our business model is very different compared to other online watch sellers. We do not keep inventory nor do we offer any particular watch model on our website. We only offer watches at client’s personal request.

Our goal is to sell luxury watches to persons who know what they are looking for. Most of our clients are collectors or individuals with a unique sense for timeless elegance. Instead of providing our clients a preselected and limited variety of timepieces, we grant them the ability to find the watch they are seeking, by filing a quote request with us.

Our Procedure

Our request procedure is very simple.

Step 1

1. Please fill out our request form as accurate as possible.

Step 4

4. We will have to reconfirm the availability with the factory and reserve the watch for you.

Step 2

2. Our team will contact the brand factory for a price quote, and will answer your request within 96 hours.

Step 5

5. Please pay the purchase price including shipping using a credit card, paypal, skrill or bank wire.

Step 3

3. If the quote suits your target price you will have to send us an email confirming the intent to buy this timepiece at our requested price. Please also provide us with your shipping address.

Step 6

6. After receipt of funds, we will insure and ship your watch within 10 business days.

If you feel uncomfortable prepaying a large amount of money to us, we can arrange a personal delivery. All our timepieces are brand new and straight from the factory. They are delivered in sealed boxes with certificate of authenticity. The guarantee period starts on the date of your purchase. All timepieces have international factory warranty.

For more details please check the WARNING section on our website.

Our Brands

We are very pleased to offer the following luxury brands to our valued clients:

We accept requests for these brands by telephone only: